Allergy Statement

As always, we recommend using your best

judgement while picking your meals. Please keep in mind

that the food is prepared on shared equipment.

Our food may contain:

- Wheat

- Egg

- Peanuts

- Dairy

- Soy

And other known allergies.

In addition, our products may be processed in

facilities that process tree nuts and peanuts, fish, and shell fish.


Email me with any concerns or questions. 



Where do you deliver?

We deliver to Monmouth County, Ocean County, and Old Bridge.

How long do my meals last?

Every meal is made fresh and will last until Saturday properly stored and refrigerated.

Can I freeze my meals?

Absolutely! Just keep your meal in a container, in a ziploc bag, and your meal will stay fresh.

Can I microwave my meals?

Each meal can be microwaved 1-2 minutes, depending on your preference. Overnight oats & some snacks may be warmed as well. The suggested time for such is 30-60 seconds.

Is Sunday the only delivery day?

As of this time, yes. This allows all orders to be received, reviewed, and cooked properly - without the distraction of early rush deliveries.

How do I know how many MACROS I need?

It depends on your situation! A body builder's Macros number will differ from someone who is just trying to live healthier. Email me! I'd love to help to figure out your personalized number.

What is a nutritional coach?

A nutritional coach helps clients with diet accountability and eating habits, all in order to help you meet your fitness goals.

Can you modify or substitute meals?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any personalized modifications for meals beyond the options set for the dish.